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Sep 1, 2010 8:30am PDT
with putting these plans together and i want to specifically acknowledge astrid and her hard work and collaborative effort with all of you as well. i'm excited about this. i'm proud of this. this is a special day for me. thank you for all the hard works. this crease jobs, increases -- this creates jobs, increases values of property and increases the likelihood that people will come down and stay longer. it creates a sense of identity and place so we can marked our neighborhoods so it doesn't look like anyplace, u.s.a. so everything has its own unique character. that is why we are celebrating and why i'm honored that all of you took the time to be here and work so hard to get us here. i have nothing more to say, thank good from your perspective, except again to say thank you and particularly to the planning department for all of their work and to c.p.w. for their stewardship of this process and just get ready, caesar chavez is going to be exciting and leyland and you are going to see on 19th a similar effort very soon. thank you very much for coming out. [applause] >> thank you, mr
Sep 13, 2010 9:00pm CDT
's a 10-day forecast of the air mass movement. see how we sit astride this sharp temperature demarcation line? the blue is cold air, and the orange is hot air. look at this thing that comes down over the weekend and sweeps into northern minnesota, north dakota, and even upper michigan. we will get warm as that comes in, because it will turn our winds around to the south, produce a weather system that comes in from the west, and turns our winds southerly late in the weekend early next week. so we'll warm back up and not cool off until next week at some point. we have seven 80s left to go, history tells us, and there's a pretty good rain system coming too. generous sunshine tomorrow, rain out of the forecast. but wednesday, clouds over, there could be showers late in the day and there is a very good chance of downpour generating thunderstorms thursday night. it will taper to sprinkles and will end friday which will be beautiful, saturday is beautiful and a thunderstorm sunday as we begin to warm back up again, and we'll have more 80s for you, micah and mark, by early next week. >> fabulous
Sep 14, 2010 9:00pm CDT
sit astride that big thermal contrast zone with the hot air to the south of us. that's an area where you get a lot of precipitation. we have big rain numbers over the next two weeks. but they come in distinct pockets. it won't rain all the time. tomorrow will be largely dry. but an east wind will blow coming off the water. 73 at o'hare. as warm at the mid and upper 70s in the suburbs. 70 thursday. rain's over by then. and gorgeous on friday, nice on saturday. maybe a morning shower on a weak front. that's not a sure thing. and sunday looks nice. easterly winds kick in. we'll come back and revisit that tomorrow. >> thanks, tom. >>> tonight's photos of the day segment. a closeup day at what happened around town today. ♪[ music ] ♪ >> and you can see more photos on our website >>> six games back, three chances to narrow that gap. next in sports, update game one between the sox and twins here on the south side as they fight for the playoff live. >>> and college football history is made but not in a good way. details coming up.
Sep 19, 2010 6:00am PDT
astride the colorado river for three- quarters of a century. a dam many doubted ever could be built but which still supplies power and water today. >> you have eight generating units on the nevada side and nine generating units on the arizona side. >> reporter: later on sunday morning, come celebrate the 75th anniversary of the hoover dam. the dam that built the west. >> osgood: jamie lee curtis is a big star in hollywood who tries never to lose sight of the little things that really count. this morning she talks about that with julie chen. >> reporter: jamie lee curtis is an actress. >> what i'm about to do is... (tires screeching) >> reporter: an author, an activist but mostly.... >> it's being a good mom the hardest job you've ever had. >> it is the only job that's truly important. >> reporter: later on sunday morning.... >> i hate you. >> reporter: a heart to heart with jamie lee curtis. >> my daughter is going to say, mom, you cried on tv. >> osgood: a crash course on the stock market crash. one controversial film director is offering audiences this fall. as you'll see it's he'
Sep 28, 2010 7:00am PDT
combines forward-facing propellers astride two short aircraft wings blades seen on any normal helicopter, was unveiled following months of secrecy. the half-plane, half-helicopter design aims to overcome chronic obstacles to high-speed helicopter flight by combining the advantages of fixed-wing aircraft with those of a to fly at 220 knots or 400 km/hour. >> former president jimmy carter has been taken to hospital after landing this morning news crews there say the medical center and in a village an ambulance a ride. people in the emergency room at the hospital were told basically evacuate the area the president was coming in and he had his own security detail. airport ems crews were called on an incoming delta flight. for a passenger who felsic upon arrival they discovered it was president jimmy carter on board. more details coming in so we will be back with an update shortly. >> 9:56 a.m. back with more the couple of minutes. the heat and other developing star were following this morning. james lick looks good. san francisco was 93 yesterday not as hot today but toasty. ♪ [ female ann
Sep 9, 2010 6:00am EDT
in 1948, and the america -- at this time, remember, america was riding astride the world. it had half the world's economy. richest country in history. and everybody loved it. but he saw a very different america. he was a very religious man. he was shocked by our sexual mo rays. threatened, as well, i might say. he was a dark egyptian and saw a racial side of america's life that we didn't acknowledge. >> led to the muslim brotherhood and fed into al qaeda but very interesting that the hatred of the west, this anihilism did not begin 1,000 years ago, 200 years ago. this strain of islam began in the 1940s in colorado. >> greely, colorado. coming back to egypt in 1950, he was very close to imam al zawari's family. when nasser hanged him in 1965, that year, 15-year-old al zaw a ri started a cell to overthrow the egyptian government. the determination and the persistence of people we're struggling against. >> you mentioned the 15-year-old starting a cell to overthrow the egyptian government in 1965. >> yeah. >> you have a uniquely young population spread throughout the middle east in countr
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)